Looking for Deals on Refurbished Laptops

Hi Refurb.io, I’m a teacher at an elementary school, and we’re looking to upgrade our computer lab. We’re looking to save some money by buying refurbished laptops, and we hear you have a great warranty service. Would there be any way to buy multiples of the same computer? Would there be any deal or discount?


By Refurb.io
Hi Kael'thas,
Refurb.io does offer great coupons and deals as well as allow for multiple item orders for everyone! Just type in refurb.io coupons into google search and many sites that actively link to us will show up. We have a range of promotions from % off to $ off amounts on a range of products. 
The best way to know if your getting the best deal is to reach out to our customer care support line or email at care@refurb.io and ask! We are always willing to help.
Currently we have coupons for Lenovo, Hp, Dell & Apple and plan to have many more soon!
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4 years ago
wow offering great coupons and deals for many items.