Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

By cjp

I always like to get to know a little about the company before I place an order. I was reading through the website and came across some information saying that is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. What does this mean? Do Microsoft Authorized products significantly differ from other, non-Microsoft authorized refurbished product?


Glad you asked, there's a lot that makes a MIcrosoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) different from other run of the mill refurbishers. By choosing a MAR product you are receiving a computer that will have a genuine copy of windows, with a new windows key. Primarily you are avoiding piracy, you have no risk of receiving a computer with any malware, spyware or any junk programs, just a refurbished machine and genuine windows, clean and simple.
For more information on the MAR program benefits click here:
You can see the Microsoft directory here: is dedicated to the highest refurbishment standards. We take every machine, strip it down, clean it and test. Including but not limited to: battery life on our laptops, hard drives in all our computers for any errors and replace anything that is not to our standards internally. We also try to reduce any cosmetic defects that may have come from a previous owner. In some cases we spec up our units to make them more powerful than the original models so that our customers can benefit.
Hope that helps,