Refurbished Desktops and Laptops – The Eco-Friendly Answer to Planned Obsolescence

Let’s take a look into the past. You purchased a brand new, powerful, shiny laptop a few years ago. You were one happy customer. Fast track to today, and your computer is slow, sluggish, and all bruised up. But you’ve been taking such good care of it! Why don’t electronic products ever seem to last? It’s not just you—trust me. It happens to everyone. So is this a coincidence? The answer is no, once again. So what’s happening?


Let’s address the issue. I’m a designer. I did four years doing my B. Design at a design university in Toronto. It was a great experience, but there was one thing I learned during my years that bothered me. Have you heard of planned obsolescence? It is a rationale strategy that companies use to bring in high, stable, and long-term sales by intentionally reducing the replacement cycle of a given product. In layman’s terms, companies plan for you to buy a new product, for full price, on an average of every three years.


There are two main ways that companies go about “killing” their own products whilst building their name.


  1. Companies plan and limit the trend of their products. You got a tablet, and you love it. But two years later, the same company releases a newer version of your tablet and suddenly it becomes a little less loveable. You want the newest, fashionable model, so you discard your old one and purchase a new one.
  2. Companies plan and limit the literal lifespan of their products. The average laptop has an extremely high likelihood of becoming obsolete in three years. Three years! They do this by making parts and hardware irreplaceable, introducing software upgrades that are not compatible with outdated hardware, and/or making the product fragile. If the companies wanted, they could make some of our hardware water-resistant, fire-resistant, shock-absorbent... indestructible! But they don’t simply because they profit greatly from it.


We must admit that planned obsolescence, from a business vantage point, is genius. But we can’t forget the environmental impact that it leaves behind. When I heard about refurbished desktop and laptop manufacturing companies, I thought it was an ingenious response to the huge e-waste related problem that the genius businesses created. These refurbished desktop and laptop manufacturing companies definitely want your business, but they are also responding to a real concern. They take a used product and restore it to meet the expectations of a new product.


The next time you need a new desktop or laptop, why not consider purchasing from a refurbishing manufacturer company? is a great example. When I’m looking for new desktops or laptops, I’m sure to see what they have. Manufacturers like offer high-end products from reputable manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, Lenovo, and HP. They made a conscious decision to provide you with the choice to save money while doing your part in saving the planet.