What does Refurb.io’s free one-year warranty cover?

I have been looking through Refurb.io’s online catalogue and I really like the prices and quality of the product. I noticed that a free one-year warranty is offered on all refurbished laptops, desktops, and combos. What does and does not the free warranty cover?


By Refurb.io
Thanks for the great question. The Warranty is intended to cover defective hardware.  It covers the costs related to parts and labor with any necessary repair or exchange.  It doesn't cover the costs associated with any 3rd party repairs.  Warranty doesn't apply to accidental or end-user damages.  One year Warranty for orders purchased through refurb.io covers majority of hardware with the exception of only 90 day coverage for laptop batteries, Apple products, tablets & monitors.
More details can be found in the Warranty section of the site - http://us.refurb.io/pages/warranty